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As our age increases, our eyesight gets weaker. Our concern for the eyes increases and we are out shopping for solutions. Do not let haziness obstruct you when consuming acai berry is the solution for it. Acai berry contains antioxidants that support improved eyesight with healthy corneas, irises, the rods and cones in the eyes. [...]

People spend plenty of money to obtain a wrinkle free skin. Oh yes, havent you heard of the actress’s and fame struck celebrities spending there millions just trying to keep there face look young? We try every solution possible to fight off the aging process such as painful surgical procedures, injections, pills and similar activities. [...]

Recently, Acai Berry has become one of the most popular fruits in the world due to the presence of antioxidant properties, vitamins and nutrients in the fruit. With new found celebrity status also comes the Question Marks.  People are skeptical about consuming acai berry as they have one question in mind – Does Acai berry [...]

Swine flu is spreading like wildfire all over the world. Swine flu is posing the biggest threat to the health of millions of humans all around the world according to World Health Organization. It is the most virulent flue among all types of flu. It has already taken thousands of lives in a year due [...]

Are you the type who wishes to lose weight and stay young? There is no need to get worried and research about weight loss programs. Acai berry is the solution to your problem. Acai berry assists in weight loss along with consumption of proper diet and regular exercise routine. The lanolic acid is alike presence [...]

Around the world, it has been a tireless tussle against diabetes. Once a person has been diagnosed for it, he has to make careful moves when it comes to his erratic eating habits. Curtailing oneself on sweets and carbohydrate rich foods becomes an inevitable sustenance technique. Well technology has brought to light a number of [...]

Acai berry is grown on the acai palm trees in the amazon rain forest in Brazil.It is pronounced as ah-sigh-ee and it bears a resemblance to a grape.Its a purple colour fruit which constitutes 10% pulp and  major 90% as seed. It is remarkably rich in nutrients and has been consumed by the populace of [...]

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