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As mentioned in our last post, there is a huge difference between an Acai Puree and an Acai Juice. The short and long of the matter is that acai puree is a far superior product, supplying much more of exactly the nutrients and goodness that brought you to acai in the first place. Acai juices [...]

Acai pills are the most convenient way to get the benefits of the Acai Berry Fruit without traveling to Brazil to get the berries, which are very perishable and begin to deteriorate within 24 hours of harvesting. The berries can also be crushed to make juice and purees, which can be even more healthy but [...]

Acai has a huge variety of uses, and manufacturers are utilizing it in more and more inventive ways. It seems to crop up in almost every foodstuff and drink that attempts to sell itself as a health product. But what perhaps issurprising is that it is becoming a firm favorite of those manufacturers that make [...]

Price aceon drug prices at algodones mexico. People, it is a request that you actually read and pay heed Biaxin generic name to what is being said and help spread the word around. Its sad that a good product like Acai is getting tarnished but I am sure there is a way to deal with [...]

Ai?? Oprah and Acai Berry have been linked throughout the internet in the latest diet craze. The problem is, Neither Oprah or Dr Oz ever endorsed ANY brand of Acai Berry products. They DID talk about the Acai Berry itself, and what wonderful nutritional properties it has. But not the processed Acai Berry pills and [...]

Acai berry fruit has been the subject of some recent controversy. The latest news about Oprahai??i??s sue-fest will come as no real surprise to anyone following the Acai and its related industry. Many of the companies jumping on the Acai bandwagon have employed what would charitably be described as ai???inventiveai??i?? ways of marketing their products. [...]

ai???Order Acai!ai??? say many of the online advertisements that you will see while surfing the ai???net. Why should we buy acai online, and is this really the best place to do it? Why should I choose to get it from some online shop when I can buy it from my local health food store? Why [...]

Ai?? Acai berry information, and by this I mean good, solid, reliable information, is surprisingly hard to find. There is a lot of information out there, for sure, but most of it confuses or straight misinforms rather than allowing the reader to reach a sensible confusion. If youai??i??re researching anything relating to your health, then [...]

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