i berry a scam? Most of the acai berry supplements that you order online say that they are a free-trial for 2 bottles and all you pay is shipping and handling. The benefits of acai berry are amazing, and itai??i??s very lucrative to actually go buy the acai berry supplements, but are they a scam?

The truth is that, if you read the small print, youai??i??ll see that there is an agreement with the free-trial. You are actually ordering a free-trial, that part is legitai??i?? but what you donai??i??t know is that you will also be put in an autoshipment plan for anywhere between $50-$100 every month for another bottle of their acai berry supplement.

Is this considered a scam or a fraud?

No, it is not considered a scam, but it is very fishy. Anytime you buy or sign an agreement itai??i??s your responsibility to read the agreement. However, since they make very CLEAR that itai??i??s a free trial, a lot of people will simply ignore or forget to cancel the autoshipment.

It will usually be in the form of a little checkbox or a small-print agreement under the order form.

What about the contact numbers to cancel, when you realize you are getting billed?

When you realize that you are getting billed by their company on the next monthai??i??s credit card statement you realize that you are in the autoshipment program. You try to find the number to cancel, and when you call it, itai??i??s almost impossible to cancel. The number is either wrong or signals busyai??i?? It can be a real nightmare to cancel and this is the part that most people think is the scam or fradulent part of the acai berry supplement business. The pills are extremely popular and they are making thousands of sales every Buy etodolac 200mg dayai??i?? Imagine how busy the cancel people actually are.

Some acai berry producst however, do have legit ways to cancel, through online forms and legit numbers.

When you realize that it will be hard to cancel, you ask yourself what you have just done. Thatai??i??s why you nitroglycerin dosage. do not want to put yourself in a position where you are being billed without knowing.

The good thing with acai berry supplements however, is that itai??i??s basically the only way to get acai berry benefits, because the fruit gets spoiled within 24-48 hours Cheap acivirax of being picked, so it needs to be processed fast.

By: Christopher Stigson

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