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It may be tempting to ignore the acai berry as just marketing hype and the latest fad. However, even though it isnai??i??t a ai???miracle berryai??? or the cure to all that ails you, the acai berry is an extremely powerful source of antioxidants and one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

Why should you care about all this talk about antioxidants and nutrition? Iai??i??m glad you asked. Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should care about the acai berry:

10. Helps Maintain Good Cholesterol & Fight Heart Disease

Essential fatty acids and antioxidants in the what all is valcylavore perscribed for. acai berry help fight bad cholesterol (LDL) while at the same time maintaining good cholesterol (HDL) and fighting heart disease. The essential fatty acids also aid in the absorbency of necessary vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K.

9. Improved Vision

The acai berry contains a specific type of antioxidant called ai???anthocyaninsai??? which are known to improve vision. During World War II, British pilots ate large amounts of bilberry (which also contains anthocyanins) as they said it improved their night vision.

8. Saves the Rainforest

The recent popularity of the acai berry actually helps save the Rainforest. You see, before the large demand for acai berries, local farmers harvested the entire acai tree for palm hearts. Palm hearts are used in expensive salads.

Fortunately, now that the acai berry is becoming more and more sought after, the natives are paid more to harvest acai berries. This means that they actually want to protect the trees instead of cutting them down.

7. Better Sleep

The acai berry contains amino acids that relax your muscles and allow for a more restful sleep. It also contains Vitamin B which helps to regulate the dopamine and serotonin (both neurotransmitters that impact sleep) production in the brain.

6. Fights Diseases and Boosts Immune System

The Amazon rain forest contains some of the richest soil in the world. As a result, the acai berry is packed with natural minerals and nutrients that fight disease and increase energy by boosting the immune system. In Brazil the acai berry is also commonly known as an effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.

5. Increase in Energy & Stamina

Natives of Brazil are some of the most active people in the entire world. Itai??i??s understandable considering that they have access to one of Coreg cr 20 mg price the most perfect foods available. Aside from being a perfect source of nutrition and carbohydrates, the high levels of antioxidants in the acai berry lead to a huge boost in energy levels and stamina. Locals will often mix acai pulp and Guarana (another amazing fruit with natural stimulants) for a healthy burst of natural energy.

4. Helps Fight Weight Gain

The acai berryai??i??s natural combination of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols, and amino acids work together to help your body function better, process food easier, and burn fat more efficiently.

3. Better Sex

When NBCai??i??s Matt Laurer took a recent trip to the Amazon, he was amused to find that the acai drink he had just finished is commonly referred to as ai???Amazon Rainforest Viagraai???. Locals swear it has libido enhancing qualities. Combine those qualities with the increase in energy, stamina, and better overall body function and you can see why the acai berry is compared to that famous little blue pill.

2. May Help Fight Cancer

The University of Florida published a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that found that acai berries triggered a self destruct response in up to 86% of human cancer cells. Yes, you read that right, it caused cancer cells to self destruct! This study was only on the cellular level and wasnai??i??t in the human body, but it perfectly illustrates the antioxidant capability and healing qualities of the acai berry. The University is currently studying the effect of acai in the human body.

1. Fights the Aging Process

The Cheapest effexor most exciting benefit of regularly consuming the acai berry may just be its effect on the aging process. Free radicals are molecules that attack the cells in the body and damage our DNA. In simple terms, free radicals are the cause of aging ailments such as cancer, arthritis, inflammation, atherosclerosis and Alzheimerai??i??s disease. The acai berry is recognized as one of the best foods for aging because itai??i??s absolutely jam-packed with free radical fighting antioxidants.

By: Christopher Fisher

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