Acai pills are the most convenient way to get the benefits of the Acai Berry Fruit without traveling to Brazil to get the berries, which are very perishable and begin to deteriorate within 24 hours of harvesting. The berries can also be crushed to make juice and purees, which can be even more healthy but most manufacturers dilute it with water and lots of other juices so the benefits of the acai are greatly diminished.

Acai pills are also referred to as supplements or capsules. The same freeze dried acai can also be found in powder How much does prilosec cost at costco form, but is not as popular as it must be mixed with water or some other liquid to drink. Especially here in America, people are looking for a magic pill to take care of things, so even though they are more expensive, the pills are what everyone is looking for.

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Acai pills are simply freeze dried acai berry, and as such have no known side effects other than a mild case of diarrhea if too many are consumed at one time. But even this is extremely rare and goes away rapidly.

Acai pills are effective as a Buy malegra 100 diet and general health aid, but are not magic. Combined with a little exercise and diet they will help you lose weight and have more energy. Many people (including me) also feel the anti-inflammatory properties make them worth the cost regardless of whether you need to lose weight or not.


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