Unless you are allergic to similar fruits such as blueberries or grapes, chances are good that you will experience no negative Acai berry side effects. In fact, it is this small fruitai??i??s general compatibility with the vast majority of people which makes it such an appealing health food. Plus, it tastes wonderful, which certainly adds incentive to including it in your daily diet!

That said there are some very positive side effects which you will experience immediately upon ingesting the fruit. Here are a few of the best.

Acai berry side effect #1: Increased stamina where can i get some viagra immy.

One of the best effects of Acai berry is its ability to increase your stamina. This means that you have more energy for the tasks of daily living. More stamina to make it through the work day without feeling fatigued and a greater ability to enjoy your family and friends because you wonai??i??t feel so tired by the time you get home. It also means an increased libido, which can do wonders for your relationship with your sweetie too!

Acai berry side effect #2: Mental clarity and alertness

Another great ability of Acai berries is the mental clarity and alertness they bring. Your brain feels like itai??i??s firing faster and it probably is ai??i?? thanks to your newly boosted digestion, cardiovascular system and ability to fight off illness.

Acai berry side effect #3: Mood elevation

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Last but not least, Acai helps you feel good. Now, this is not because Acai has hidden anti-depressant components or anything; but rather, it is the effect of being healthier which naturally translates into feeling better emotionally.

With these kinds of healthy side effects to contend with, itai??i??s no wonder everyoneai??i??s scrambling to get their hands on the Acai berries!

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