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acaibook1 $4.95 – Acai Berry: Fruit of Paradise written by Jeremy Appleton
From palm trees that grow in the Amazon estuary in northern Brazil comes a fruit with high levels of health-promoting antioxidant anthocyanins (free-radical fighters). Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron that are constantly in search of molecules in our bodies to bond with, resulting in DNA damage and a cascade of deleterious reactions that cause cancer and heart disease, make us sick, make us age, and make us die.
Acaiai??i??s antioxidants act as search-and-destroy missiles against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. With many acai products to choose from-whole fruit, juices, concentrates, and supplements-how do we know which is the most effective? Noted nutritionist and naturopathic physician Dr. Jeremy Appleton guides us through the maze to find the right acai product in the quest for optimal health.
$12.00 – Acai – The Amazonai??i??s Antioxidant Powerhouse.
This book spells out the benefits of an acai juice blend in an easy-to-read, pocket-sized version! Because of its small size, you can carry several copies of this booklet with you wherever you go. With this quick and easy read your prospects will not only gain an understanding of the importance of acai and other fruits in one complete blend, but will be informed of the amazing health benefits that this antioxidant powerhouse provides.
smooth_book-147x300 $11.00 Acai Berry: Fruits of Paradise (Woodland Health)
By Jeremy Appleton.

Indigenous tribes and medicine doctors of the Amazon and other parts of South America have known for centuries about the healing powers of the wild acai berry.
This small superberry, packed with vitamins, minerals, and one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food, provides an endless list of physical and mental benefits to people of all ages.
You can decide if it is the best-tasting medicine youai??i??ve every had or just a simple berry that adds a fruity and chocolatey flavor to your daily smoothie. Here are more than 120 ways to enjoy the age-defying aA?Ai??ai berry in smoothies, yogurts, and sorberts. Experience for yourself the energy-boosting lift and overall health benefits of acai

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52 Ways to Use Acai.

NOW AVAILABLE! Easy, Step-by-Step Ideas for Oral Procedures, Topical Applications and Home Remedies for Acai.
This book has something for everyone, including children, teens and pets, from top athletes to patients with serious illness, from the relatively healthy person who wants to prevent poor health in the future, to anyone who wants an immune system booster, more energy and a greater sense of well being.

How to start drinking Acai and how much to drink for best results. How much Acai you need for daily health maintenance based on your body type. How and when to drink Acai for acute, chronic and serious conditions. How to drink Acai to boost energy. When it is best to gradually introduce Acai to your diet. How to objectively evaluate how well Acai is working for you. How to get the best and the most from every serving of Acai that you drink. When, where, and how to apply Acai topically. How much Acai to give babies, children and teens. Topical ways to stimulate the immune system, eliminate itching and reduce pain.
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