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Feeding tube diet, also known as K-E diet is an identical kind of feeding tube that doctors utilize in the hospital to nurture psychiatric patients who decline to eat or those with physical situation that thwart them from eating naturally like coma and stroke patients. However, this Purchase elimite online feeding tube diet is also appealing to women particularly to those ladies whose wedding are nearly coming. In reality, brides are very conscious and desperate to have a slender and in shape body more than ever in their wedding day to fit their elegant gowns.

viagra online pharmacy australia. Feeding tube diet is one of the ways of how to lose weight but just like any other dietary methods, there is also difficulty in this diet. The patient undergoing this diet runs the tube through their nose, down to their esophagus and exactly into their stomach. Feeding tube diet makes use of a small tote bag that look like as a purse to transmit the solution which runs throughout the tube. The solution contains fat and protein but have zero carbohydrates. The 12-24 hours treatment makes the patient undergo a loss of hunger sensation because of the gathering of ketone bodies; it is created by eating of fat. The full lack of carbohydrate ingestion stimulate the mechanism of lipolysis, it is the reason why patients loss their body fat and lead to weight loss. The protein food is in powder and dissolved in 2 liters of drinking water, this amount has to last for 24 hours. The Feeding tube diet also provides the recommendation of a drug to guard the stomach, a supplement of minerals, a multivitamin andAi??a laxative.

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Throughout the Feeding tube diet, it is essential to follow the requirements given by the doctor like the patient must weigh every morning. It is also significant to test the existence of ketones every morning in the urine through Keturah test to make sure the test is positive. During Feeding tube diet, patients must not eat any food especially candies and chewing gums. It is advisable to drink mineral water, tea, coffee but completely sugar free. The most important in Feeding tube diet is to avoid sitting for a long period of time and it is still suitable to undergo moderate physical activity even during the treatment.

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