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As mentioned in our last post, there is a huge difference between an Acai Puree and an Acai Juice. The short and long of the matter is that acai puree is a far superior product, supplying much more of exactly the nutrients and goodness that brought you to acai in the first place. Acai juices might have their place as a nice-tasting. thirst-quenching drink, but they are leagues behind the puree products when it comes to ai??i??superfoodai??i?? status.

In this short article we are going to examine some of the fillers used by the companies making acai juices to bulk up the product. These fillers are added because they are cheaper and easier to look after than acai puree.

Fruit Juices

Many products contain a mixture of fruit juices along with the acai that we expect. These fruit juices can certainly give the product a delicious taste, but as noted earlier they clearly reduce the amount of acai thatai??i??s in there. This is not something that we want, and itai??i??s certainly not something that makes the drink better value for money for us. Fruit juices are cheaper to prepare than acai, and they keep better, so this is a clear and easy winner for the manufacturers; clearly a loss for the rest of us.

Green Tea

Iai??i??ve seen some products on the market that actually boast about their containing lots of green tea. Now, donai??i??t get me wrong, I love drinking green tea, and I think it probably does me some good. But do I want that mixed in with my acai? No, not really. If I pay for acai then Cheap ophthacare philippines I want acai, not green tea!


Hypromellose is an additive that is contained in many foodstuffs; it appears in a ingredients lists for acai products, too, since it allows a time delayed release of certain nutrients into the Cost tulasi body. Naturally its presence reduces the amount of acai that is being provided in the product, thus decreasing the value to the consumer and increasing the profit margins for the companies that produce them. One thing to bear in mind: hypromellose is used in tile adhesives as well as in foods!

The chemical name for Hypromellose is Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose. Which, Iai??i??m sure youai??i??ll agree, just sounds nasty.


Watch what you are buying. Some products may appear on the face of it to be better value for money, but it really depends on how much acai you are getting; bigger does not always mean better, and cheap hardly ever means better. Armed with some of the common fillers noted above you order prednizone. should be able to spot an impostor from a true puree quickly and efficiently.

Acai is worth the money companies are currently charging for it, but spend wisely!


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