If you have a long to do list, children that need your attention, or a job that requires you to be on target at all times, than getting a boost of pure acai berry could help.Ai??Ai?? Most of us reach for a cup of coffee to jolt us through the next task, but after three cups it just doesnai??i??t have the same effect.Ai??Ai?? Adding a superfood to your daily regimen will combat fatigue and give you natural energy that lasts.

Caffeine Vs. Acai

The energy boost from caffeine vs. acai is very different because of the way the body processes them.Ai??Ai?? Caffeine creates changes in the chemicals of your brain.Ai?? It mimics adenosine, and binds itself to the adenosine receptors.Ai??Ai?? Normally adenosine slows down nerve Buy generic olanzapine impulses and causes drowsiness.

Caffeine stops it from doing its job and your brain becomes alert. Caffeine also increases dopamine in your brain.Ai?? Dopamine is the feel good chemical that elevates your mood.

Pure acai berry, once ingested, provides the body with nutrients that act as fuel for your body to process and turn into energy.Ai?? It also gives your body a boost of Vitamin C, A, B and others to jolt your system naturally.

Running on empty or running with fuel

Your body is an incredible system.Ai??Ai?? You can give it few nutrients, load up on medicines, drugs, alcohol, and pollution and it still works.Ai??Ai?? Over time that self-rejuvenating system starts to wear down.

Youai??i??ve seen older people who have run their bodies down over a long period of time.Ai??Ai??Ai?? They get heart disease, cancers, clogged arteries, hunched over postures and arthritis.Ai??Ai?? Not to scare you, but we arenai??i??t that far away from the golden years, and running on empty will catch up faster than you think.Ai??Ai?? Acai berry gives your body fuel to operate at optimal levels.Ai??Ai?? A little yoga and stretching help too!

Pure acai, pure mind

Keeping your body intact is one of the big responsibilities that come with the gift Purchase sominex sleep of life.Ai??Ai?? Part of that is having a healthy brain that acts as the super computer for the central nervous system.Ai??Ai?? Of course, itai??i??s the central nervous system that programs your heartbeat and other autonomic functions in your body.

Your brain needs nutrients to keep tuned up.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Omega oils, vitamins, antioxidants (Anthocyanins and flavonoids) are just a few things that pure acai can provide to help protect your cells.Ai??Ai?? Acai nutrients get absorbed in the blood and travel through the entire body to create well-being.Ai?? Add pure acai berry to your diet and you just might have a longer, healthier life.

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