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Deep in the riverbeds of the Amazon are colorful birds, monkeys, and the nutrient rich acai palm.Ai?? Itai??i??s here that locals climb up the tall trees to cut off a limb with spokes darting in ever direction.Ai??Ai?? Attached to the spokes are tons of tiny magical berries, called acai.

The acai berry has also been referred to as a nut, because of its density.Ai??Ai?? All it takes is for a farmer to slide their fingers down one of the spokes of the branch and the purple-blue hued berry pops off into the bucket below. The tricky part of this process is that once the berry is stripped from its source, it becomes a 24-hour race before it starts to break down and decompose.

The Pure Acai Berry make up

Acai has been credited with having unique powers because it is a rich source of nutrients.Ai?? This rich source of nutrients is also the reason that this fragile fruit begins to break down so quickly.Ai??Ai?? The acai berry in its pure state is almost 50% fat.Ai??Ai?? Up to 75% of those fats come from the Omega oils; Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9.

Sounds fantastic, but this is one of the reasons that it starts to go rancid so quickly.Ai?? Fats start breaking down fast.Ai??Ai?? One way to keep the nutrients intact is to mix this dense berry with water Buy lithium metal and oil and remove the seeds while turning it into a pulp.Ai??Ai??Ai?? The pulp is then freeze dried to preserve the nutrients allowing it to be shipped overseas for the enjoyment of all.

Preserving the Acai Berry

Freeze-drying the acai berry is a process developed to maintain the fruitai??i??s integrity.Ai?? How does it work? The process of freeze drying starts by dehydrating the acai at -20C.Ai??Ai?? The key to this process is to do this in an environment that has no oxygen.Ai??Ai??Ai?? If oxygen is present, the acai will oxidize and lose its nutrients.

Freeze dried acai berry products have been tested for their high levels of antioxidants available to fight free radicals.Ai??Ai?? Itai??i??s a process that works and helps the world get the pure benefits that the Amazonian locals get when eating it fresh.

Debunking the Acai Berry Myth

Knowing that this berry has a fragile shelf life means that consumers have to weed through products that make nutrient rich acai claims.Ai?? One way to do this is to understand the process in which the company is preserving the nutrients.Ai??Ai?? Freeze drying acai is a trusted process as long as itai??i??s done in a controlled environment in a timely fashion.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Do the research and buy Does vytorin have a generic the right freeze-dried acai products for maximum benefits.

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