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ai???Purchase acaiai??? say all the advertisements. But why? How? And where? These are just some of the questions that first-time purchasers of acai will be asking themselves. And quite rightly so: buying acai online ai??i?? or even from your high street store ai??i?? can be a leap into the dark abyss of the unknown. With all the negative publicity that acai and similar ai???fadai??i?? health diets have been receiving recently, it would be imprudent not to research the product thoroughly before buying.

Purchase acai from your high street shop and you might be in for a bit of a surprise. The acai foodstuffs you get from places like Whole Foods and the supermarkets are a completely different animal to the berries you see in their natural glory on the acai palm. The berry, when picked, degrades rapidly and is in no fit state to be sold within hours of it being harvested. Because it takes a fair while ai??i?? think months rather than days ai??i?? to get a product from its source to the store shelves, the larger retailers have had to rethink how they present and package acai. best mashup.

If you purchase acai from somewhere like Whole Foods, you can expect a product that has been through a process called ai???drum dryingai??i?? and from there reduced to a concentrate. Once it is ready for bottling, water is added and the concentrate becomes a tasty acai juice. This juice is mixed with various other products to make it taste better, and to make the product cheaper and easier to mass produce. This process is all well and good if you are looking for a delicious drink; if you are on a quest to find a health supplement that is going to help you in getting fitter and healthier, then you should really be looking a bit harder to find something closer to the real thing.

Purchase acai online and you will get the closest you can get to the real thing. Closest without traveling to Brazil and picking the berry yourself, that is! Online retailers can freeze dry, if necessary, or hot bottle the acai in super fast time, meaning itai??i??s at your door within days of it being picked. It may not be off-the-tree fresh, but it is pretty close to being so, and it as close as you are going to get. Freeze drying or hot bottling are also much kinder ways to treat the berry, and they preserve vastly more of the nutrients than the drum drying alternative.

If youai??i??re determined to buy the best quality acai you can ai??i?? and at reasonable prices ai??i?? then youai??i??re not going to find your task at all easy. Is it worth putting the effort in to get it? Sure it is!

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