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Oprah and Acai Berry have been linked throughout the internet in the latest diet craze. The problem is, Neither Oprah or Dr Oz ever endorsed ANY brand of Acai Berry products. They DID talk about the Acai Berry itself, and what wonderful nutritional properties it has. But not the processed Acai Berry pills and juices. But that doesnai??i??t stop fly by night internet marketers from using Oprahs enormous appeal to push false claims for the various products.

To make matters worse, most of these scam artists that use Oprahai??i??s name are pushing the ai???free trial offersai??? that promise to ship a miracle diet pill for free. Users just pay for shipping. But when users give their credit card number up to pay for the ai???shippingai???, Buy azulfidine entab they are unknowingly signed up for a monthly subscription at $80 a month or more. Of course the scammers make it very difficult to cancel the subscription, and send a near worthless product to boot!

Oprah has sued 40 companies selling acai berry or related products, with their name endorsements on them.

According to their complaint, such companies are ai???fabricating quotes or falsely purporting to speak in Dr. Ozai??i??s and/or Ms. Winfreyai??i??s voice about specific brands and products that neither of them has endorsed.ai???

ai???Consumers should be aware that neither Oprah Winfrey nor Dr. Oz are associated with nor do they endorse any aAi??aAi?? berry product, company or online solicitation of such products, including MonaVie juice products,ai??? a statement read on Winfreyai??i??s Web site. ai???Neither Oprah nor Dr. Oz are associated with nor do they endorse any specific resveratrol product, company or online solicitation astelin, singapore. of such products. Any companies that misrepresent their affiliation are making false claims.ai???

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has also filed suit on behalf of consumers allegedly tricked by the fake endorsement scam.

ai???For thousands of dieters, the quest for a miracle product has become a nightmare,ai??? Madigan said in a press release. ai???Far too often, consumers end up losing their money ai??i?? not weight ai??i?? in these deals.ai???

And make no mistake about it ai??i?? these scammers have been very successful in tricking MILLIONS of DOLLARS out of people. These people are very upset. You can read some of their outraged comments about the acai berry free trial scams. These people often believe Oprah did in fact endorse the products these scammers push and are sometimes very upset with Oprah as well, and canai??i??t understand why she would be behind such a scam.

So, for many months now, Oprahs lawyers have been chasing after these scammers. But much like the whack-a-mole game, as soon as one is shut down, another pops up. The latest step is publicizing the lawsuits to hope the general public realizes Oprah does not endorse ANY brand of Acai Berry products. This is a great example Dostinex comanda online of too much fame being more of a problem than us little people ever quite realize.

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