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Our product is unrefined, unfiltered, pure 100% Brazilian organic acai pulp and is sweetened with just a touch of organic concord whole grape puree, not grape juice. Adding just a touch of the organic concord whole grape puree, is necessary perfected it to bring out the exotic taste of the acai and take off the tart edge. There is no added sugar -- this is the world's purest and only 100% organic and 100% natural acai nutraceutical liquid product that is preservative free!

If you're taking a non-organic antioxidant, then you're wasting your money. Non-organic products contain pesticides and toxins. Antioxidants remove these toxins from your body, therefore, if your product is not organic and chemical preservative free then you're filling your body with harmful pesticides and toxins, the whole purpose of an antioxidant is to flush toxins, not add them. Ingredients: Organic Acai Pulp Puree, Organic Concord Grape, Natural Flavor, Natural Citric Acid (To balance ph).

(1)32 oz bottle - $33.99
(3)32 oz bottles - $119.96 (save $16)

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