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Amazon Thunder Scoops (Powder) WITH AMAZONIAN CAMU CAMU FRUIT

Made with organic certified freeze dried acai pulp powder and organic certified Amazonian camu camu fruit to ensure full antioxidant absorption. No fillers, preservatives, carriers, caffeine, sodium or sugar. Just pure organic top quality freeze dried acai. We do not use the seed of the acai, the seed is classified as a filler and dilutes the acai.

100% Organic
Unrefined pure 100% organic freeze dried acai. This is the most concentrated, potent and natural form of Acai on the planet! There are no other ingredients and it is 100% organic! There are no carriers or fillers, just 100% pure freeze dried organic Aca.! Did you know it takes 10kg of our pure Acai pulp puree juice to make just 1kg of our pure Acai freeze dried powder?

100% Quality
Our freeze dried acai powder is the only acai powder on the market made of just pure organic acai, and it is now new and improved with added organic camu camu fruit that is loaded with 50x more natural vitamin c than an orange. The camu camu fruit helps with rapid and full absorption of the incredible acai antioxidant properties and also increases the ORAC naturally due to its high vitamin c content. We are the first company and only company in the world offering this type of Amazon fruit powder! How can you tell quality acai? Place a small amount of our organic acai powder into your hand and you will see that it is a dark rich purple and the powder clings to your hand because of the rich omegas 3, 6 and 9. Taste and smell the powder and compare to all other brands; we guarantee we are the only company in the world making 100% pure organic acai freeze dried powder containing no binders, fillers, multidextrin or carriers. We sell nothing but the purest top quality 100% organic acai products.

Ingredients: Organic Acai Freeze Dried Powder, Organic Freeze Dried Camu Camu Fruit (or blend with Amazonian camu camu fruit allows for maximum absorption of our acai).
90g of powder pure jar, 3 times as much powder per jar as in a bottle of our capsules! Comes with a 3g scoop inside. Suggested Use: Smoothies health shakes, blender drinks, baking ingredient or add to yogurt. Not 100% water soluble.

(1)container - $34.99
(2)containers - $92.97 (save $12)

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