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The acaiberry has been sweeping the media with its claims to weight loss, antioxidant levels, and super packed nutrients.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Itai??i??s becoming more difficult to find out which products are pure and which ones are using this power packed berry for the latest marketing scam.

Add to this media frenzy that everyone is using the credibility of Oprah, Dr. Perricone and others to promote and spin their latest acai product.Ai??Ai?? To help you sift through the information, a research team began to experiment on the bodyai??i??s ability to absorb the nutrients of the acaiberry and to separate fact from fiction.

Acai berry research

A team of scientists, Dr. Susanne Talcott and Steve Talcott, at Texas AgriLife research, started testing the acai berry in 2004.Ai??Ai?? The initial tests were focused on the composition and nutrients extracted from acai berry.Ai??Ai?? They also researched the How much can you sell robaxin for berryai??i??s activity against cancer fighting cells.

A few years ago, they started doing tests to find out how much of this little berry is absorbed after consumption.Ai??Ai?? They ran their experiments with 12 healthy volunteers.Ai??Ai?? The volunteers consumed the acai juice and at a different time, the acai pulp.Ai??Ai?? Blood and urine samples were taken from the volunteers at 12 and 24 hours after they consumed the acai.

Acaiberry research findings

The findings were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The results showed significant increases in antioxidant activity in sildenafil 50 mg y 75 mg la diferencia. the blood after both the acai mixture and the acai pulp were consumed.Ai?? It was confirmed that this berry does the body good.Ai??Ai?? The antioxidants and nutrients that the Amazonian locals have been getting for thousands of years were making a difference when ingested.

Food for thought

There are many companies promoting the acai berry.Ai??Ai?? Some are just using the acai to make money and donai??i??t care if their products still have nutritional integrity.Ai?? These deceptive companies are borrowing claims made by celebrities and capitalizing on the acai claims.

The best way to find pure acaiberry products is by getting freeze dried products from a trusted company.Ai??Ai?? The freeze dried process holds in the nutrients and allows Static caravans for sale in skegness them to perform in the manner claimed.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Make sure that you check the labels and ask questions.Ai??Ai?? Once you find a trusted source of acaiberry, give your body some nutrients to absorb.

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