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The Atkins diet is just one of the few popular diets these days that has not only promised effective weight loss but also a healthy heart, better memory function, as well as not to be hungry most of the time. Surely you donai??i??t have to say goodbye to your favorite cheddar cheese omelet, the lip-smacking eggs and bacon, the creamy avocado soup, the yolks, and other rich foods because, as long as they are low in carbohydrates, you can savor the taste of your favorite meals!

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Made popular by Dr. Atkinai??i??s series of diet books, the main goal of the Atkins diet Cost of zocor 40 mg is to suppress the intake of carbs and focus on lean protein and fat. Ai??The basis of the diet comes from the theory that people become obese due to the consumption of high carbohydrates. Our bodies normally use fats and carbohydrates to provide us the energy that we need for our daily activities. However, carbohydrates are burned first, leaving the ugly fats on your bellies and thighs behind. With the Atkins diet, the consumption of carbs is lowered down so your body will have to use the stored fats to fuel you for the rest of the day.

So what are the rules for the Atkins diet? Simple. You just have to take your three regular meals each day of salads up to 3 bowls, 4 to 6 oz of protein, and vegetables starting with 2 oz each day. No need for calorie counting, however, you have to be exact on your carbohydrate consumption. If youai??i??re still on the first high weight loss stage, you are encouraged to maintain 0.7 oz of carbs intake, where the 0.5 oz comes from the veggies. On the other hand, you may gradually increase your carbs once you have settled to your goal weight.

In order to maintain your new shape, just remember not to trigger your carb cravings to avoid falling off the wagon! You can make strategies for your social life to keep those old bad habits away. Control your appetite by taking a small meal or snack, go to the buffet table only once, drink alcohol moderately, avoid high carbs, and never over eat. Once you have successfully followed the Atkins diet, then surely you can say goodbye to your flab and say hello to a sexier new you!

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