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The Dukan diet has been popular in France for being an effective diet plan to treat obesity. It was designed by Pierre Dukan as part of his research 10 years ago, and became popular since 2000 after the release of his book. The protein-based diet is basically a four-phase plan, concentrating on lean meats and low-calorie foods. Whatai??i??s more convenient with this diet plan is that you donai??i??t have to count your calories all the time and you can eat as much as you can as long as they are lean protein. In order to get the best results, the Dukan diet Buy abilify medication cheap should be partnered with oat bran, a daily 20 minutes walk, and lots of water intake.

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The following are the four phases entailed on the Dukan diet:

Phase 1: The Attack Phase

The first stage of the diet props up rapid weight loss, making the protein diet as the centerpiece. This includes eating lean protein combined with 1.5 liters of water and 1.5 tablespoons oat bran everyday. Those who go for the Dukan diet can choose fish, eggs, nonfat dairy, poultry, soy, and other low-fat meats. When you stick to this meal plan up to 10 days, you are expected to lose 7 pounds per 5 days.

Phase 2: The Cruise Phase

The second phase combines the unlimited lean protein diet with unlimited 28 non-starchy veggies and 2 tablespoons oat bran daily. Vegetables like potatoes, peas, carrots and corn are excluded on the list for this stage. You can continue on this phase until you reach the desired number of pounds you need to lose wherein you are expected to drop 2 pounds every week. The ai???cruiseai??? phase could last for several months until your body adjusts to the weight loss and you are able to achieve your goal weight.

Phase 3: The Consolidation Phase

The ai???consolidationai??? phase is the most critical point in the Dukan diet since this is where you could put those extra pounds back on. However, you can avoid the regain once you stick to your meal plan for this stage for five days in every pound you lose. Here, dieters can maintain their weight loss with unlimited veggies and protein daily, which include the lamb and pork this time. The daily meal plan should also consist of whole-grain bread (2 slices), low-sugar fruit (1 piece), starchy foods (1 to 2 servings), hard cheese (one portion), as well as 1 to 2 servings of any meals you would love to eat per week. However, to succeed on this stage, you have to give in to a lifetime commitment of eating a pure protein diet once every week.

Phase 4: The Stabilization Phase

The stabilization stage is the lifetime maintenance part of the Dukan diet to keep those extra pounds at bay. As long as you follow the once-a-week all-protein diet, 20 minutes daily walk, and 3 tablespoons intake of oat bran each day, you are free to eat anything you would love while keeping off those extra pounds.


Aside from the four phases mentioned above, those who opt for the Dukan diet are encouraged to intake multivitamins everyday.

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