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For those of you out there that are against anything healthy, green, vitamin enriched and age preventative, I strongly suggest you stay far away from this little purple berry.Ai??Ai?? Research shows that acai berry side effects range from fighting cancers, to increasing metabolism, to looking younger.

Anything else, you may ask?Ai??Ai?? Only good stuff, so run along, cover your ears, go stand next to a smoke stack, drink your whiskey, and get sun burned.

Older generations and health

The average life expectancy in the Colonial America era was under 25 years of plavix 75. age.Ai??Ai?? That number increased dramatically during the Industrial Revolution as an awareness of health increased.Ai??Ai?? By the 20th Century, in the United States, the life expectancy increased by another 30 years.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Currently our average life expectancy is 67 years of age.

Those numbers are shocking, especially because our world is more polluted than it was back into the early days.Ai??Ai??Ai?? If only we could chat about it with Jeanne Calment, the oldest person in history (1875ai??i??1997, 122 years, 164 days). Mostly, whatai??i??s changed is advances in medical care, diet, and exercise.

Taking charge of your health and longevity

The quickest way to increase your lifespan and turn into a healthy individual is through diet and exercise.Ai??Ai?? Our bodies need maintainance on a daily basis to keep everything working properly.Ai??Ai?? Life can be difficult at times and the last thing you need is doctor bills to compound the stress.

To propel your body on to the healthy track, start by consuming super foods such as the acai berry.Ai?? Then put on your running shoes or find another cardio activity to get your heart rate up.Ai??Ai??Ai?? Youai??i??ll be amazed at the boost you will feel and the years you will add to your lifespan.

The good side effects of acai

The only side effects that acai has been associated with are positive.Ai??Ai??Ai?? This berry is packed with antioxidants, omega oils, and protein.Ai??Ai?? Itai??i??s also low in sugar and is a Paroxetine cost walmart pure superfood that helps you combat any negative forces or free radicals from pollution and other detrimental sources.

Make sure you read the labels on products that promise acai goodness, because some companies are mixing in other ingredients for weight loss.Ai??Ai?? Buy pure How often can i buy alavert d acai berry that is freeze dried to get the positive acai berry side effects and get started on the road to longevity. carries only top quality freeze dried Acai Berry products. Our latest Acai weight lost blend is now available. Check out all of our Acai products at

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