The FDA (Food and Drug Adminstrator) has allowed QSYMIA to be available on the market. The QSYMIA is a mixture of topiramate which is an anti seizure and phentermine a stimulant. This product is solely made to help people lose weight. However, a lot of medical experts oppose the decision of the FDA due to negative effects brought by the drug.

With both FDA and medicals on the line, people have hard time what to believe and what to do. Should we buy it or not? A common question asked by people who want to lose weight. Thus, here are some pros and cons of QSYMIA for you to be able to make a right decision.



The Pros:

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Lose weight: The main purpose of the existence of the drug is to help people reduce their body fats. A lot of people who have tried QSYMIA have positive feedback in term in loosing weight. Studies show that people who consume the drug lose weight for about 10% within two years. Some people experience this benefit in just a few weeks of consumption.

Help people to sleep. A lot of people claimed that with the help of the drug, they are able to sleep at night. Studies also show that almost 69% of people who consume QSYMIA help reduce insomnia.

Provide energy. There is a lot of proof that the drug provides energy. Researches show that people who consume the drug experience a boost of energy in just a few days of consumption.

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The Cons:

Common Negative Effects: Depending on the person who consume QSYMIA, different effects are felt too. There are some people who reported that they experienced effects such as drying of mouth, altered taste in foods, constipation and even itching. Some also experienced mood swings and depression.

Higher Risks: Although, there are no cases reported, there is a big chance that people who continuously consume QSYMIA will experience a heart attack. That is why this drug is not recommended for those people who have a history of stroke and heart attack.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming the drug. However, if you plan on consuming QSYMIA it is best for you to consult your doctor, to avoid troubles.


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