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High Blood Pressure is a disease that will need long-time treatment. The doctor may advise the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), an eating plan, for those people who have a high blood pressure results. The eating plan centers on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and other foods that are heart healthy and low in fat, [...]

  The FDA (Food and Drug Adminstrator) has allowed QSYMIA to be available on the market. The QSYMIA is a mixture of topiramate which is an anti seizure and phentermine a stimulant. This product is solely made to help people lose weight. However, a lot of medical experts oppose the decision of the FDA due [...]

We all know that the number of obese people is increasing, thatai??i??s why NEW DIET DRUG is introduced to those people who want to lose weight. These days, obesity does not only affect adults but as well as children and teenagers. These drugs are said to be one of the best ways to reduce fat [...]

High Blood Pressure is a serious condition that increases the risk of heart disease like coronary artery disease, heart failure and other health problems. As the heart pumps blood, there is a force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries and this is called blood pressure. In Unites States, one out of three [...]

The ai???Caveman Dietai??? also known as the ai???Paleo Dietai??? has gained recognition these past few years. It was deemed as one of the most effective diet in the world according from health experts. ai???Paleoai??? or ai???Paleolithicai??? refers to the time when people are still cavemen. This diet was founded in late 1970ai??i??s. Many health experts [...]

Green coffee products have gained popularity among countries nowadays, and is one of the top picks among people who want to lose weight. It was indeed able to produce good effects to people who continuously consume these products. These products are able to gain positive feedbacks among health experts and users. The beans that we [...]

Dolce Diet and Shoe Shopping Imagine this scene.Ai?? Your getting ready for work and while you have your outfit right, you just couldnai??i??t find a shoe to match.Ai?? You make a mental note to go shoe shopping later in the day. You punched in and out, and off you go.Ai?? You enter the shoe store [...]

OMG Diet Review promises a six-week plan that can make you leaner and slimmer than the rest. The new book “Six Weeks to OMG Diet: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friendsai??? by Paul Khanna (pseudonym Veronica A. Futton) has received a lot of criticisms from the medical community and a lot of parents since its [...]

Low Glycemic Foods Glycemic Index diets encourages the daily intake of good carbohydrates. These ai???goodai??? carbohydrates would be considered BAD if you are on a low-carb weight loss program. Low Glycemic Foods diet programs focus on eating a balanced combination of foods in moderation. The balance and moderation maintains a healthy blood sugar level and [...]

Belviq FDA Approved Diet Pill, is the first prescription diet pill approved by the FDA in 13 years. America is suffering from obesity to the tune of 1 in 3 people. If it takes a prescription drug to help get this epidemic under control then I say yea to Belviq. Belviq FDA approved diet pill [...]

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