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Acai in the Media- The Buzz Surrounding This Remarkable Rain Forest Fruit
Acai berries are Amazon rain forest fruits, prized by natives for their medicinal benefits and nearly perfect nutrition.Ai?? In some areas, they make up almost 40% of the local diet!Ai?? Fresh acai is harvested by hand by brave individuals who scale the towering acai palm to bring this vital fruit to the people.Ai?? It is then either mashed into a pulp or mixed with granola and added to many local dishes.
Researchers exploring the diets of rain forest people discovered that acai was being used to treat a variety of conditions, from indigestion to fatigue. Its apparent nutritional benefits soon became the focus of media attention.Ai?? Everyone from Oprah to Dr. Nicholas Perricone were soon talking about how this little fruit could do so much for the human body.
The fact is, the acai berry enjoys media popularity for good reason.Ai?? It is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals.Ai?? It contains anthocyanins, protective compounds that retard the oxidative process.Ai?? It contains high levels of fiber, protein and good omega fatty acids.Ai?? The amino acids found in acai berries build cells and strengthen the immune system.
The Power of Acai in the Media- Getting the Word Out
All major TV networks have featured the acai berry in the media, with topics ranging from its weight loss benefits to its effect on sexual potency.Ai?? Research into the power of the acai berry even suggests that its protective compounds can kill cancer cells and prevent inflammatory diseases.Ai?? The medical community has engaged in debate regarding the acai phenomenon, with an emphasis on how the combination of ingredients found in this little berry can have such a powerful effect on the human body.
The media has embraced the acai berry, and in doing so has exposed the secret of this tropical fruit to the world.Ai?? Acai is teaching science and the public about how natureai??i??s superfoods can become an important part of the human diet.Ai?? Whether it is consumed to add nutrition, lose weight, fight disease or increase libido, the acai berry offers health benefits rarely found in any one food.Ai?? The mediaai??i??s love affair with this amazing fruit is far from over.
Acai Berry Videos – The Tropical Fruit That Is Taking the Media By Storm
To those in the health food and nutrition industry, the acai berry is well known for its impressive nutritional profile. This tropical berry contains more antioxidants and anthocyanins than chocolate, blueberries and red wine combined, and has been used for centuries to treat a host of medical conditions. Acai berry videos showcasing the amazing health benefits of acai are appearing everywhere, educating the public about this rain forest superfood.
Acai Berry Videos- Spreading the Word and Changing Lives
The acai berry has brought news media from around the world to the Amazon rain forests of Brazil, to report on the wonders of this little purple berry. Several of its properties in particular have caught the attention of the media. Acai contains antioxidants, which fight free radical damage. Since free radicals are largely responsible for the visible signs of aging, acai has been hailed as an anti-aging food.
Acai berry videos are also focusing on the known effects of the berry on sexual potency. Since acai contains the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it increases energy and libido. Athletes have been known to use it to prepare for competition and anyone looking for enhanced sexual drive can get a boost from the acai berry, as well.
All major networks have been particularly interested in the disease-fighting qualities of the acai berry. Studies have shown that the berry holds promise as a cancer treatment. Its protective compounds, including antioxidants and anthocyanins, may kill cancer cells and are known to strengthen the immune system.
Acai Berry Videos Bring This Powerful Food to the World
Acai berry videos have also highlighted the effects of acai on weight loss. Acai products can be used to supplement a diet and exercise regimen in order to speed up fat burning and boost the metabolism. Acai contains carbohydrates for energy, fiber for appetite suppression and good fates to keep the cardiovascular system functioning properly for peak performance.
The power of the media has brought the acai berry to the world, and put the spotlight on one of natureai??i??s most perfect foods. The more you learn about the acai berry, the more you will want to see for yourself how this little berry can improve overall health and well-being. Whether you want to treat a condition or simply want to look and feel good, acai berry videos can help you better understand how to achieve your goals with acai.
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