Acai Berry Benefits- A Powerful Nutritional Punch in a Little Package
The nutritional components of acai berries have several important health benefits for the human body. Acai berries contain antioxidants, healthy fats, plant sterols, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Each plays a vital part in keeping the systems functioning properly.
1. Antioxidants and anthocyanins
These compounds fight free radicals, which are created by oxidative stress. Every day, the human body is bombarded by both internal and environmental stresses. The antioxidants and anthocyanins in acai berries scavenge the free radicals that damage cells. This keeps the body healthy at the cellular level, which increases stamina and strengthens the immune system. Since it is rich in antioxidants, the acai berry helps to prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as cancer and chronic inflammation.
2. Healthy omega fatty acids
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Half of the acai berry is comprised of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. These good fats are essential to a healthy cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that omega fatty acids lower triglycerides, raise HDL levels and may help to lower blood pressure. Populations of people who eat diets rich in omega fatty acids have fewer incidences of heart disease and high cholesterol.
3. Fiber
A high fiber content is another one of the many acai berry benefits. Most diets do not contain enough fiber, which is necessary for digestive health and weight management, among other things. The combination of fiber, fatty acids and sterols in acai berries assist the body in processing food and burning fat. Many people consume acai as part of a healthy weight loss regimen.
4. Vitamins and Minerals
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Acai berries contain high levels of vitamins A, C and three B vitamins. In fact, they have as much vitamin C as blueberries and also contain potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and copper. Vitamins A and C are both antioxidants that improve vision and protect against sun damage and pollutants.
5. Amino Acids
Acai berry benefits also include a high concentration of amino acids, which have a variety of functions in the body. They are the building blocks of protein and are known to aid sleep by relaxing muscles. Amino acids also strengthen the immune system and assist with muscle building.

Acai berry benefits are numerous. With significant amounts of cell-building amino acids and proteins, as well as healthy fats and fiber, this little fruit contains one of the most complete nutritional profiles of any food.

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